Sustainable Disruption

Compliance Meets Sustainability

Sustainable Disruption

The future must be sustainable. Whether in the process of making a purchasing decision or when initiating a new business relationship, sustainability aspects are becoming increasingly important for stakeholders and have become a key assessment criterion. This development has not gone unnoticed by the government and is regularly accompanied by increasing regulation. Companies are thus faced with the challenge of constantly adapting their processes and measures to the legal requirements and meeting the general expectations.

With Sustainable Disruption, we help companies achieve a secure and sustainable future. Regardless of whether it is a matter of complying with mandatory laws or voluntary obligations, we are your personal contact. With our core competence in the area of compliance, governance and risk, our experts ensure that your company complies with all regulations. We communicate at eye level and focus on your individual needs.

Sustainable Disruption

… is our sustainability unit and helps you to meet the increased requirements for sustainable business as well as to develop targeted measures for optimization for the future.


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Corresponding technical solutions are implemented together with our technology partners.

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President & CEO

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Legal & Compliance Counsel

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