Compliance at valvisio

Abiding by laws and displaying corporate responsibility is in our DNA

Our Compliance Ambitions

valvisio international AG gives highest priority to the abidance by legislation, regulations and standards as well as internal policies and guidelines. We are committed to manifestly live all aspects of our corporate responsibility – we owe at least this much to our clients, associates, employees and other stakeholders. This commitment is also the cornerstone of our success and an impeccable reputation.

The compliance management system by valvisio international AG constitutes the foundation of the above and forms an intricate part of the valvisio group businesses’ corporate cultures premised also on honesty, reciprocal trust, respect and equality as well as fair competition.



Struktur unserer Units

This code of conduct applies
to all units in the valvisio group.

Corporate responsibility, corporate governance and corporate ethics are entrenched in our DNA.


Timo Schusser

President & CEO

Our primary compliance cornerstones

Abidance by legislation and regulation

Data protection & IT security

Environmental & climate change protection

Corporate responsibility

valvisio international AG’s Code of Conduct

The success and reputation of our company is as good as the conduct of our workforce.

For the above purpose, our code of conduct applies to every single employee, regardless of position, areas of responsibility or even personal characteristics. Every employee makes the daily commitment to show professionalism and to display exemplary behaviour in all tasks, projects, also in their interactions with colleagues, clients as well as other internal and external stakeholders. A major part of this constitutes the abidance by legislation, regulations as well as internal policies and guidelines. This code of conduct applies to all companies in the valvisio group.

The Code of Conduct, which is directed at suppliers, service providers and associates of valvisio international AG also constitutes a binding document also for clients and other associates.

Download the Code of Conduct for suppliers and service providers

valvisio international AG’s Integrity Line

The Integrity Line is a secure and reliable digital whistleblowing system that uncovers legal transgressions and misconduct in companies with ultimate goal of managing and dealing with these in order to protect the interests of the company, its employees and other close stakeholders.

As a part of valvisio international AG’s compliance management system, the Integrity Line offers employees, clients, suppliers, associates and other stakeholders the opportunity to anonymously report suspected transgressions against prevailing laws, regulations and policies of valvisio international AG.

From the point that a complaint is lodged, the whistleblower remains anonymous, except if he/ she consciously on his/ her own accord, decides to disclose his / her identity. After lodgment, the compliance department of valvisio international AG processes the complaint in a sensitive and discreet manner.

Integrity Line does not form a part of the website of valvisio international AG nor its intranet. Rather, it is availed by an external, independent service provider, eqs Group AG, exclusively for this purpose.

To ensure your anonymity, please copy this URL to a new tab.

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