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We have designed and developed a unique consulting approach – valvisio 360° ConsultingReinvented. 360° means that, from our initial analysis to implementation and subsequent evaluations, we take into account internal company data, dynamics and visions while a keeping a close eye on relevant external developments and trends. For your business this means tailored solutions that create tangible, long-term value. Also, you access one-stop-shop expertise and bouquets of services from the valvisio international global locations as well as other quality service providers in the valvisio group of companies. Elevating your business to new heights.


Consulting One-Stop-Shop

360° Analyse & Understand

Our approach is holistic

We do not consider only one topic at a time, but rather take a bird’s eye view of the entire company structure and situation. We also ask uncomfortable questions and do not give up until we are satisfied to have understood all relevant details and inter-relations. In order to adequately contribute towards your company’s future viability, we combine our core competencies with our in-house trend and future research hub, which is also an innovation centre and think tank, GLOBAL THINKING.

Identity to Fit

Customer is King: all focus is on you

Together we identify the areas that require attention and action. We even point out blind spots and show new options and possibilities. Our approach is needs-based, duly aligning with your business goals and available resources. We are not about making false promises: should a topic not directly fit into our consulting range, we gladly refer you to professional and screened associates and experts.

Consult Customised

Through close co-operation, we co-develop individualised solutions

We do not believe in standardised solutions and processes. Rather, we devise individualised recommended courses of action, never losing sight of external dynamics and trends. Where the course so requires, we are positioned to rely on our growing pool of international experts and specialists.

360° Implement & Reinvent

We accompany you along the entire journey

At this point, we are not yet done – we accompany you all the way. As a one-stop-shop and through our inter- and multi-disciplinary teams, your business has direct access to expert knowledge, cross-industry experience, networks and other resources to sustainably implement our solutions in your company. A close-up view inside your business allows us to (co-) design the best possible value-add of consulting. We are aptly positioned to, if required, grant you access to an expanding network of start-ups and founders in various industries – for the implementation or a spin-off of innovative business areas.

Revise to Future-proof

We invest in long-enduring relationships and alliances

Continuously providing the best solutions for our clients requires us to work closely with them and to keep healthy networks of highly competent associates and partners. This also matches our holistic approach to consulting. The revision of implemented solutions is necessary to monitor and evaluate such implementation, assess its success all while keeping a close eye on trends and the relevance of business models. Keeping an open mind to learning and adapting is paramount.


On-demand Consulting

In order to ensure sustainable business success, we gladly avail ourselves, even after the conclusion of projects, for any ad-hoc questions and advisory. In this way, your business continues to benefit from our in-depth expertise and the close relationship built with your business.

To change the standards of our society, we can’t just offer a product sold to consumers, but a solution that proves our sustainable processes are an environmental, social, and financial improvement to the norm.

– Monty Hasan

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