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Compliance, but make it international

The Company

valvisio international AG is a management and strategy consultancy with a focus on compliance, governance and risk. As a local and long-term partner, we support our clients with a large network on a national and international level. Looking to the future, we have also established various units in the field of digitalization and sustainability. Together with our GLOBAL THINKING Future Factory, which focuses on trend research and corporate foresight, we are optimally positioned both now and in the future.

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Our Approach

For us, consulting is a 360° mission in which the customer is the focus at all times. With our Consulting Reinvented model, you benefit from a holistic view of your company. We are not afraid of unpleasant questions. Our claim is to understand and be able to comprehend all interrelationships and relevant details. Our teams combine legal, strategic and technical knowledge for long-term solutions that really benefit your company. We take the responsibility around compliance, good governance and modern risk management seriously and want to set a good example – digital responsibility, fair cooperation and environmental sustainability are the cornerstones of our company.

Our Leadership Team

Working at valvisio international is characterized by the interplay of give and take. The motto of our management is encourage and challenge. Our employees are encouraged in their uniqueness and their strengths. At the same time, we give our team the freedom to work independently. Both management and team members are allowed and encouraged to grow with their tasks.


President & CEO

Timo started his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 14. As soon as he reached adulthood, he founded his first company while studying module-related business administration, commercial informatics, law and IT security. During this time, Timo also achieved his qualification as an IT specialist. Being multi-disciplinary at its best! This credo is applied by the consulting firms in the valvisio group – assisting clients of various sizes in different industries, focusing on the competencies of business strategy, digital transformation as well as IT-compliance and cyber security. As CEO of the valvisio group, Timo oversees the design and execution of the strategies of the individual sister companies and subsidiaries in the valvisio group.

In addition to the above, Timo serves as mentor at STARTUP TEENS, a German initiative aimed at instilling an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurship in youth.

Volker Schmidt

Volker Schmidt

Chairman of the Supversiory board

Volker serves as chairman of the supervisory board and is senior advisor at valvisio international AG. The supervisory board advises the management and is responsible for the supervision of the valvisio international AG. Volker has 6 years of consulting expertise at Accenture (Fortune 500) with the focus on product management and innovation. He was part of the Liquid Studio at Accenture, leading the Berlin location. Currently he is working at CBRE GmbH (Fortune 500) as associate Director with power of attorney, working in the department Digital Advisory, responsible for Digital Solutions projects in Germany. Volker holds a Master of Science in Business Administration of the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg.

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