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We create holistic solutions twith long-term value. With our inter- and multidisciplinary team, we sit at the interface between strategy, tech & legal. Whether data protection impact assessment or privacy by design – we are your specialist even for complex issues. We communicate at eye level between specialist areas in order to develop comprehensive solutions and added value. We offer our customers and business partners multinational expertise and diverse solutions while remaining responsive and forward-looking. On your way to a successful future, we are your personal contact for your individual challenges in the areas of compliance, governance and risk.

Why Us?

We take a holistic view of our customers and your company and develop suitable measures, taking into account all relevant influencing factors. Our solutions are based on current data, research and state-of-the-art methods and are always kept up to date.

Behind valvisio international stands a dynamic and versatile team of lawyers, computer scientists and strategy consultants. Thanks to our multi-layered expert knowledge and our passion for compliance, we do not shy away from complex contexts and can also advise your company on special matters.

In our modern and digital world, technical know-how is required to meet current regulatory requirements and growing demands. We combine both skills and are experts in the field of legal security as well as in its technical implementation in practice.

Our years of experience have been gained in a wide variety of industries, ranging from healthcare and finance to the media and technology sectors. Through our expertise with companies of different sizes, we have built up a unique wealth of experience and know where to start next with our clients.



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Compliance is not a nice-to-have and should not be an unpopular cost center, but must be part of the company's DNA.

– Timo Schusser, President & CEO


What We Do

We guide you to success. Different industries and companies have different needs and very personal challenges to master. We don't just stay on the surface, but deal with difficult and complex issues. We are your contact in all phases - from analysis to implementation, you get everything from a single partner.

Data Protection

We are your partner around data protection and compliance with the GDPR.

Global Compliance Management

Competent, uncomplicated and modern compliance management.

International Data Transfer

We guide you through all challenges related to global data transfer.

corporate sustainability

Sustainability Compliance

Sustainable practices through reliable compliance with regulatory requirements in the area of sustainability.

Digital Sovereignty

Holistic consulting around the topic of digital sovereignty

Corporate Digital Responsibilty

An individual and value-driven framework for digital, corporate ethics and responsibility.


valvisio serves clients of various industries and sizes, including healthcare, finance, media or information technology. See a selection of references we can name here. Since we work in sensitive areas, we cannot name all our clients publicly.

A selection of our valued customers of valvisio group

adidas group
ARD.ZDF medienakademie
D•I•R Deutsches IVF Register
femxx health
ING – Die Bank und Du
Landesärztekammer Baden Württemberg
Shell – newmotion
Nürnberg Messe
Studienkreis – Die Nachhilfe

We rely on fruitful partnerships and are also members of several associations and committees in the areas of compliance, cyber security or data protection.

Featured Topics

These articles and much more can be found under the “International Content” section of our media brand compliance insider.


Digital Sovereignty as a chance for Europe

This EU initiative aims at positioning Europe as a competitive leader in world-class, socially responsible and sustainable high-tech. The concept has evolved to become a discursive practice in politics and policy and challenges companies – whether located in or trading in Europe – to invest in trustworthy digital products and services. It includes data sovereignty, diversity, soft- and hardware sovereignty as well as jurisdiction.

Responsibility and ethics in the digital world

The rapid expansion of digitalization also came with unfortunate realities of the misuse and theft of personal and other sensitive data. Companies have the added pressure to show responsibility in all aspects of their business – product design, compliance, digital ethics, management, business relations. Digital Ethics becomes a criterion to assess companies.

Vulnerability in International Data Transfer

In this current digital era, personal data is possibly transferred globally. Expanding to Europe, a company is required to comply with the EU GDPR protection regulations and needs to appoint a EU representative. Meanwhile personal data captured and processed outside of the EU makes it vulnerable to lower standards of protection and therefore EU companies wishing to expand outside the region must consider the specific provisions relating to cross-border data flows and privacy protection in international trade.

There is no way around Global Compliance

Complying with local laws and regulations is essential for companies in a global environment. More and more big players require established Compliance processes for cooperation. The topic gains enormous relevance to build trust and can be an important competitive advantage – in a world where it becomes more and more difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. Being and staying globally compliant is the only option for sustainable success – the complexity of this topic is no excuse.

New information makes new and fresh ideas possible.

– Zig Ziglar, author, salesman and motivational speaker

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