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Yes, compliance affects start-ups (now more than ever). And yes, compliance audits are an essential part of effective compliance management (investors think so too!). This audit focuses on establishing which legislative & regulatory prescripts and standards the start-up currently complies with, a compliance gap analysis and areas for improvement & optimisation. We package professional compliance audit services as consulting solutions in order to reduce the start-up’s compliance risk exposure.


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What is Our Auditing Scope?

The audit scopes vary in accordance with business size, industry & organisation.*

Example: Are there processes in place to ensure that GDPR prescripts are upheld in your online forms?

Example: Are all contracts stored in a secure manner (e.g. in clouds)?

Example: Does your start-up duly consider the social security prescripts as they relate to interns?

Example: Does your business have guidelines & processes to prevent money laundering?

Example: Does your start-up have a Code of Conduct of suppliers & other business partners?

Example: Does your business have business liability insurance?

Example: Does your business have internal guidelines relating to the granting & acceptance of gifts & invitations?

Example: Does your business engage in price fixing with competitors?

* In all matters of law and tax we consult in cooperation with our approved pool of tax consultants and lawyers – if needed.

Start-up Compliance Audit

Global Compliance Management

We know that compliance can be very complex and even intimidating sometimes. 
That’s why we do audits!
We help you understand where you’re at, where you want to (or should) be, where to start and support you in tackling your individual challenges.

For more information have a look at our area of expertise: Global Compliance Management.

You’re not international yet, but your startup still means the world to you? Then don’t be afraid to ask for individual services tailored to your „globe“.

Audit findings are easy to come up with, successful change from a finding is true internal audit value.

– Michael Piazza

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