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The East Asian region continues to gain importance in international business and trade, being a fast-growing consumer market. Therefore, it was clear very quickly that we wanted to set up operation in Singapore: for our international clients, our operation offers a soft landing pad to a country and region that has shown significant supply growth, rapid expansion in digitalisation and innovations as well as a springboard to the entire South East Asia region. For our South East Asia clients, we are your partner of choice for your global expansion needs to Europe, the UK and North America.



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What you should know in Asia


Information Technology

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fast setting the global standard pertaining to data protection and information security. Furthermore, more informed customers are exerting pressure on tech companies to show corporate digital responsibility in their products and ways of conducting business. On the flip side, and specific to Singapore, the ten fastest growing companies include companies that are trading in traditional sectors, however who have pivoted to digital business models, which have boosted their respective success.

Tailored Subscription-based Consulting

This consulting approach has proved to be greatly convenient for our clients: on-demand access to our range of consulting services at a monthly subscription, for the duration of the business improvement project – for you, the additional benefit of transparent pricing.


South East Asia as an investment opportunity

The financial center Singapore is a high-income economy and has rapidly grown to become one of the most competitive economies world-wide. Extensive government investments, low taxes and a highly developed infrastructure offer companies an interesting business opportunity. The city’s international connectivity and cosmopolitanism are a bonus. Singapore is aptly positioned for further expansion and investment in leading world markets like China, India, and increasing emerging markets in Asia as a whole.

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