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Strategically aligning forces

The significant increase in globalisation over the last decades, the realisation of the growing importance of emerging markets in a global economy, and the increasing pressure of the digital era constitute the greatest drivers of international strategic alliances and venturing. Alliance or partner selection is an intense process, the details and rigour of it should not be underestimated – challenges relating to internal conflicts, structures and governance are constant threats to the longevity of strategic alliances. For an alliance to be successful and live up to the desired outcomes, factors like perception of compliance, national cultures, and common values play a central role.



international alliances & venturing

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Peace of mind while your business grows

Better international performance

international expansion consulting

More fluid geographic expansion & realisation of growth ambitions

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Greater business resilience in the global market

Ease of new market entry

Boosted supply chain synergies

Easy and direct tech access & increased knowledge creation


Increased flexibility & scale of activities

Significant development of global customer base


Our Approach

We acknowledge and appreciate that no company or person knows everything and, as such, we are firm believers and supporters of solid collaborations and qualitative partnerships in order to best serve our clients’ needs throughout the whole lifecycles of their projects. The management of strategic alliances is the phase, which will inevitably be tested continuously – from the reconciliation of views, cultures, etc while having to remain focused on mutually beneficial value-creation and acting in accordance with prescribed legislation. Collectively, we are able to reach the sweet spot of combining the valvisio international modern management and strategy consulting solutions with the advanced technologies and services from our solid networks of professional partners.


Our Core Services

1 | Joint incubation process services

For long-term alliance building, which goes beyond a particular project, a joint incubation process is paramount to establish the foundations like the framework for the partnership. We tailor service package, which take into account the industries of the potential alliance partners, the geographic and jurisdictional reach, goals, purposes, capabilities and cost structure options – a rigorous process of paramount importance that clears the view for all alliance partners, allowing for everyone to consider, with eyes wide open, whether establishing the alliance is the best route.

2 | Development & strengthening of SME’s entrepreneurial orientation

Entrepreneurial orientation (EO) is a company’s capability to use distinct behaviours and ways of doing business, which together position such company to better anticipate and respond to external changes as well as to increase its openness to invest without satisfactory knowledge of the outcome. Through strategic advice, implementation of the advice and developing the EO, we empower SMEs to improve their use of available resources while also efficiently sourcing sought external resources.

3 | International Corporate Venturing

Corporate venturing has recently grown to be appreciated as an organised response to disruption. In alliance with our sister company, The Next Unicorn Ventures GmbH, specialising in start-up development, screening, corporate venturing solutions and with eased access to German and international start-up incubator networks, we offer a bouquet of services that are aimed at start-ups, investors, corporates and supporters of the development of the start-up ecosystem.

Alliances and international organizations should be understood as opportunities for leadership and a means to expand our influence, not as constraints on our power.

– Chuck Hagel

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