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valvisio consulting GmbH, a German strategy- and management consulting firm based in Nuremberg, in February 2021, commenced the process of incorporating an international subsidiary, valvisio international AG. Here we are.
In this article we wish to introduce you to valvisio international AG and give you some insight into what we do and why.



During the current realities of glocalization and rampant digitalization, especially small and mid-sized companies are in considerable risk of missing the boat of opportunities arising from innovative technologies. Our Vision is to connect the world and enable all businesses to thrive globally.



Across border, beyond boundaries – through our extensive variety of professional services, we aim to overcome boundaries, whether country borders or boundaries of limiting beliefs, in order to open up the world of possibilities to smaller German companies.



Every business sets the tone for its own success. We position ourselves as a catalyst for transformational & sustainable change, firstly, for German mid-sized companies, and, by extension, also for our partners & associates.

The following 6 performance focus areas are our way to best realize our vision and mission aimed at accompanying German SMEs to their international success.

1 | International Expansion Consulting

We have developed successful consulting competences through our parent company, valvisio consulting. Adding long-enduring value to our clients through the interwoven application of the competency areas of strategy, compliance and technology has built the impetus to expand internationally using this successful formula.
In order to effectively aid mid-sized companies in their international expansion, we have designed a step-by-step expansion plan, which will help our clients to gain insight on customer demands and the domestic markets of the respective destination country. Because every organization and every country is different.

2 | Global Compliance Management

Especially in the area of compliance, companies cannot afford to err. International expansion invariably also entails getting accustomed to and duly abiding by the laws, regulations, standards and norms of the destination country. Our compliance experts provide the required comfort of pointing out even country-specific standards and nuances. In addition to advisory services, we also provide compliance audits in specific compliance areas such as cyber security. Compliance and corporate governance we do not perceive as a task, but these constitute the core of our DNA. They are in the fabric of our culture (far more than a mere policy).

3 | Corporate Sustainability

The megatrend of sustainability no-one can afford to forget.
Megatrends, as compiled by the German Zukunftsinstitut as its contribution towards the research of future trends, describe complex transformation process that occur in different aspects of our society, over the long-term. Sustainability is one of the twelve megatrends, which directly influence the societal, economic and technical aspects of our lives. Over time, sustainable affects consumer behaviour, in turn, influencing expectations on companies, employers and their value propositions. On top of this, the perception of sustainability varies from one country to the next, subject among others to respective legislation, culture and the economy. This is where we add value – valvisio international AG conducts international industry, trend and market analyses, capacitating us to advise our clients on the forms of sustainable processes, products and services to adopt in order to meet the local customer demands in the destination country.

4 | Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) / Digital Ethics

In increasingly competitive markets, achieving long-lasting trust from customers is a focal point for all companies. Suppliers and other business partners add to this pressure, which challenge has increased due to digitalization. We agree and appreciate that it is no longer sufficient for companies to only comply with prescribed legislation – the increase in directives, standards and guidelines is an indicator of the expectation on companies to proactively trade in a responsible and ethical manner, now especially also manifesting this responsibility in its digital business models, products and processes. This pressure is also an opportunity for companies to improve their reputation to the outside world.

With our expert team, we accompany our clients towards designing and implementing digital ethics principles in all aspects of their business – from product design, to policies, processes and company culture. The end result: companies, in which corporate digital responsibility and digital ethics naturally flow and remain sustained in all corners of the business.

5 | International Data Transfer & Security

The exponential increase in e-commerce has brought with it the rapid increase in international data flows far beyond national and even regional borders. Securing personal data beyond regions has become topical especially since the operation of the EU GDPR, which protects the collection of the personal data of EU residents. EU companies wishing to expand outside the EU region must therefore consider the specific provisions relating to cross-border data flows, cyber security and privacy protection in the destination countries. This is no longer a matter to be considered by large corporates – rather younger, smaller and digitally native companies must consider compliance with laws, standards and norms concerning the international transfer of personal data, from the onset.

We wish to make professional services relating to data transfer and security accessible also to SMEs, advising also on reliable, secure and compliant cloud systems as well as intelligent internal processes. It goes without saying that we tailor our solutions according to the specific needs of every client.

6 | International Alliances & Venturing

We know and firmly believe that networks of partners and alliances go a long way for the international success of a business. The fact that Europe is generally behind, what technological advancement is concerned (compared to the USA and China), does not mean that international networks cannot be established. Through our global networks across industries and companies sizes, we can avail potential partners in the areas of research and science as well as local institutions, with which strategic alliances can be built and nurtured. This line of service offering is line with the current trend of the glocalization of markets and expertise. Studies show that the opportunities arising from glocalization also apply to SMEs – innovative products, modern business models, expanded customer bases. German mid-sized companies can re-awaken their position as market leaders.

Global Thinking UG is the in-house research hub (research lab and think tank) of the valvisio group, focused predominantly on trend research and strategic corporate foresight services. An added valuable resource available to our clients.

Expansion to Germany

Herzlich Willkommen! Our bouquet of service offerings for German companies wishing to expand abroad of course also applies to international companies wishing to enter the German market. Born and bred in Germany, we are the ideal local partner to walk inbound companies through market research, administrative processes, compliance with local and regional laws, regulations and standards, etc. to raise the client to success.

Our inter- and multi-disciplinary and diverse team is excited about the future of valvisio international AG and its role in re-awakening German mid-sized companies to world market leader glory.

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