Global Compliance Management

The foundation for international business

A solid foundation for international business success

As the new normal is characterised by the so-called VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), regulatory systems need to keep up, in turn, making compliance all the more complex. The compliance environment challenges businesses of all sizes to adapt the rapid regulatory changes and new market conditions, while remaining agile and productive. Systematising compliance management requires an efficient and effective interweaving of documents, functions, processes, controls of the real-time, practical execution of business processes as well as regular monitoring, evaluation and improvement.

Non-compliance exposes business to a range of negative consequences like crippling fines, loss of business, reputational damage and, in the worst case, the loss of the operating license. On the flip side, companies can derive many benefits from having a solid, well-run compliance function including brand loyalty, increased sales and employee retention.



global compliance management

Value-Add to Your Business

Legal certainty in uncertain environments provides business opportunities

Improved product and service quality

Reduced risk of non-compliance, including colossal costs of penalties and reputational damages

Alignment with the normative expectations of external audiences


Improved business opportunities

corporate digital responsibility (CDR) & digital ethics

External demonstration of commitment towards the effective and efficient management of compliance risks


Increased trust from clients

Global Compliance Management

Our Approach

All our solutions, services and processes uphold strict data protection and information security standards and norms. We are dedicated to in-country compliance with due consideration of global, regional as well as local dynamics and we keep the ISO 37301:2021 principles for a compliance management system in mind – integrity, good governance, proportionality, transparency, accountability, and sustainability. Our solutions, by design, strengthen compliance across the company and improve compliance integration, transparency and visibility. The goal is to implement and ensure a customised compliance framework that bolsters your international business.


Our Core Services

Excerpt from our solution protfolio

We understand Compliance management as a Service as a consistent, all-around package: We offer to regularly audit your regulatory environment, ensure compliance in your business and develop internal processes to streamline and improve the effectiveness and efficiency. Especially for smaller companies, outsourcing global compliance management reduces the risk of non-compliance in the country of new investment and enables you to focus on the core business operations.

• Compliance gap analysis with colour-coded compliance level indicators

• Integration of current and imminent compliance-related prescripts into your corporate strategy, policies and processes

• Business consulting aiming at the co-design and implementation of solutions with tangible benefits

• Establishment of an internal whistleblowing systems

• Compliance management framework design including compliance strategy, processes and related advisory

• Establishment of an independent compliance function managing and maintaining compliance with external and internal laws, regulations and policies

• Business consulting aiming at the co-design and implementation of solutions with tangible benefits

• Establishment of an internal whistleblowing systems

If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance.

– Paul McNulty

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