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Germany requires to re-position itself in the global economy. With SMEs being the key drivers of economic success, we have made it our mission to make services around global expansion accessible to German SMEs. In addition to our tailored, easily implementable expansion strategy solutions, we also offer our strategically selected international offices in the global economic hubs of London, San Francisco and Singapore – to serve as soft landing pads in the respective destinations and as springboards to adjacent, thriving economic regions. Having a presence and networks in these countries means that all your country-specific compliance, strategy and technology needs are taken care of. Ready to take that leap?




An international business expansion is a big decision that requires analyses, evaluations, calculations, planning and more. Our unique combination of specialised skills internally and our strategic international networks at and beyond our global offices all means we are the partner of choice from this first step of your global expansion journey.

Many factors and variables are at play here and are also influenced by aspects such as your products, degree of business maturity and potential market segments – to name just a few. In this part of the process we uniquely combine secure technologies and modern consultation methods to guide your company towards the best possible decision.

Once an expansion destination (or region) has been decided upon, it is imperative to zoom in on more detailed in-country dynamics. At this point, we take a deep-dive into the local (or regional) market, target groups and the competition.

Every country and region have their own unique economic, social, environmental and regulatory dynamics. After this analysis, it is possible that you may be required to adapt your company product(s) to best suit the local (or regional) demands. With compliance being one of our core competencies, we are aptly positioned to lead to business to global expansion success.

The regulatory environment of the expansion destination, together with the market, determine the most apt market entry strategy. The local legal system paired with insights into the local business culture require nuanced expertise. Together with our wide networks of professionals in the respective countries, we help you to set foot in your business’s new home.



Once a business is established in the new country, your new business operation becomes subject to the compliance prescripts of that country. In our mission to avoid compliance mishaps early on, we take care of your new expanded business’s compliance needs.

Forming strategic alliances is not only a prevailing trend in international trade, but is also advisable when entering a new market while there also large infrastructure projects that prescribe that an international bidder forms a formal alliance with a local counterpart. Through our cross-industry network of partners, we place your business in a favourable position for yielding alliances.

Any new market entry is filled with administrative red tape. However, you can count on our screened, multi-lingual in-country partners to support you with your administrative needs – from completing forms, supporting you through the process of incorporating a company to assisting with the opening of a business bank account.


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