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We are the partner of choice to accompany international SMEs, who wish to expand into the German market. Our unique step-by-step plan guides you through every single step of the market entry process while our expert knowledge, close cultural ties and local networks light the way. We distinctly interweave our core competencies of strategy, compliance and technology into our world-class solutions for your next-level business success.



Consideration, Preparation, Organization


An international business expansion is a big decision that requires analyses, evaluations, calculations, planning and more. Through our unique combination of specialised skills internally, a network of partners and an intimate knowledge of the German market, we provide internal audits and consultation sessions to grant you clarity on the best next steps.

Germany is the biggest economy in the EU with global geo-economic significance and is indeed an attractive market. Nonetheless it remains imperative for potential investors to invest in advice from a German native company with an international outlook: for your company our bespoke strategic expansion plans mean clarity, assurance and expansion management.

Once we have established that your business is now ready for expansion into the German market, your business benefits from easily implementable strategies and advisory, based upon our regularly updated insider-perspective reports.

A crucial step in any international expansion is the due adaptation of the business model, products and services to the target country’s standards, market and culture. Germany is known for being highly regulatory with prioritised importance on operating in accordance with prevailing environmental regulations and standards. With compliance being one of our core competencies, we are aptly positioned to lead your business to local success.

When expanding into Germany, this is possible by setting up an office, incorporating a subsidiary company (the best legal form is subject to the intended functions of decision-makers, extent of shareholder liability, terms of taxation, etc.). Joint ventures (JVs) and mergers and acquisitions (M&As) have also gained popularity – each with unique sets of regulations. Our services here include due diligences, risk assessments and access to a growing pool of innovative start-ups and corporate venturing partners – the latter via our sister company, The Next Unicorn Ventures GmbH.



A comparatively heavily regulated market implies higher compliance demands on companies. Non-compliance is a serious offence with likely exposure to high fines and penalties, personal liability of directors and crippling reputational damage. Our internal compliance specialities include data protection & information security (as per the GDPR), German labour law as well as money laundering. For any client needs beyond our areas of competency, we rely on our broad networks of professionals.

Should you opt to set up an office in Germany, we are equipped with the necessary resources to find the right location. We understand not only the range of tax implications, but also go as far as accompanying you through the process of completing official forms (which are generally in German only) right to the submission of these.

Forming strategic alliances is not only a prevailing trend in international trade, but is also advisable when entering a new market while there also large infrastructure projects that prescribe that an international bidder forms a formal alliance with a local counterpart. Through our cross-industry network of partners, we place your business in a favourable position for yielding alliances.

Being a heavily regulated country and with many laws and regulations, it is not surprising that there is a heavy administrative burden also on companies expanding to Germany. You can count on our multi-cultural and multi-lingual team to support you with your administrative needs – from completing forms, supporting you through the process of incorporating a company to assisting with the opening of a business bank account.


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