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Provision of a EU Representative for Union External Data Processors


What is a EU representative?

The EU representative is a contact point that must be located in the EU, be designated in writing by the controller or processor and acts on their behalf with regard to their respective GDPR obligations.

[ Art. 27, GDPR ]

Do you need to appoint an EU representative?

If your company has customers in the EU, but no office in the EU, you may need to appoint an EU representative. This also if your company processes the said data in relation to a product or service offering or to track clients in the EU.

[ Art. 3 II, GDPR ]

What happens if you don’t appoint an EU representative?

Non-compliance with GDPR constitutes an infringement. You thus risk the imposition of fines up to € 10 mill. or up to 2% of the total world-wide annual turnover – whichever is higher. Also, the high cost of reputational damage.

[ Art. 83, GDPR ]

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We are located within the European Union and are certified GDPR experts. Serving as your EU representative means you can operate compliantly in the EU.


Are you a company outside the EU processing data of EU residents?
Contact us to be your EU representative for your compliance with GDPR.

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If you exchange information internationally, you must strengthen data protection. Those are two sides of the same coin.

– Gijs de Vries

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