Corporate Sustainability

Ensuring the long-term success of your business

Much More than Going Green

Sustainability aims to create long-term multi-stakeholder value through a resilient business management system. The following dimensions of corporate sustainability each require to be solid:
  • Economic dimension: sustainability at the centre ensures long-term growth and cashflow, also managing corporate risk;
  • Environmental dimension: businesses are challenged to assess the environmental impact of their business models;
  • Social dimension: the well-being of employees, business partners & the communities, in which the businesses operate must be considered in all aspects of the business.

The fast-paced world characterised also by fierce competition and constant market press, require companies to incorporate all of the above dimensions in product development, internal processes as well as key stakeholder relations. Maintaining innovation, a competitive edge and long-term business success depend on it.



Value-Add to Your Business

Corporate sustainability drives competitive advantages & bolsters shareholders’ value

Expanded value of products & services

Greater business resilience

international alliances & venturing

Sustained reputation & brand loyalty

Higher employee retention

Improved risk management

Increased likelihood of future value

Continuous innovation


Growing consumer loyalty

Corporate Sustainability

Our Approach

Reaching corporate sustainability requires a holistic approach with a long-term vision. We uniquely package our solutions to fit and elevate our clients‘ businesses towards corporate sustainability. Utilising modern consulting methods, state-of-the-art technology and a solid compliance basis, we advise and guide you through every single step. The goal is to reach far beyond the regulatory prescripts to changed mindsets, adaptive corporate culture and a resilient business: Sustainably.


Our Core Services

1 | Corporate Sustainability Strategy

From the conceptualisation of the strategy, the clients’ industry-specific characteristics, triple bottom line goals, long-term corporate responsibility aspirations as well as current and desired corporate cultures are considered. These flow like a golden thread also to the guidelines for implementation at an operational level. We apply a tailored, multi-stakeholder approach to foster collaborations and yielding strategic alliances along the clients’ value chains.

Your journey towards corporate sustainability could look like the following:


Audit the status-quo

  • Business model
  • Internal processes
  • Key stakeholders & supply chain

Formulate strategies

  • Corporate sustainability & governance
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Employee benefit & retention

Design and implement the roadmap

  • Short, medium, long-term goals
  • Corporate governance policies & guidelines
  • Change management

Reporting, monitoring & evaluation

  • Evaluation of the measures
  • Skills transfer & training
  • Performance management

2 | Sustainable IT

Sustainable IT covers the alignment of information technology with corporate sustainability strategy. It contributes towards growing the business and includes the design of effective and reliable processes for the delivery of technology services.

Our approach tackles four dimensions:

as a measure of efficiency of IT systems and the management of these.

as means of ensuring that the technology organisation remains viable also when operational demands are changing.

meaning the IT organisation must align with the company’s revenue and profit goals.

requiring IT services to meet current demands while remaining responsible to the environment and future generations.

3 | Corporate sustainability performance management system (CSPMS)

In an existing sustainability organisation, performance is required to be measured over time, so as to ensure that the system retains its positive outputs.

We offer to implement a customised CSPMS for your organisation basing it on one of the following goals:

based on international sustainability indicators, which are, in turn, translated into strategic & process indicators at company level,

based on dialogues with stakeholders seeking to identify expectations and critical issues to formulate indicators founded on the stakeholder engagement process, or

based on the methodological structure of the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, environmental & social).

To change the standards of our society, we can’t just offer a product sold to consumers, but a solution that proves our sustainable processes are an environmental, social, and financial improvement to the norm.

– Monty Hasan

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