Corporate Digital Responsibility & Digital Ethics

Indispensable ingredients for long-term success in the digital age

Positioning People in the Centre

Digitalisation has evolved to reach beyond technological and economic impact – the ethical, environmental and social dimensions of the impact cannot be ignored. For every single trading company these developments require a sustained shift of all aspects of their businesses towards the value-oriented, responsible and ecological. People and the environment are placed in the centre. Corporate digital responsibility (CDR) requires of companies manifest compliance, unceasing transparency, digital ethics (by design and by default), good corporate citizenship, integrity and overall responsibility in all aspects of the business. Through our portfolio of investible solutions, we are set to guide our clients towards increased corporate responsibility, which, in turn, lead to ideal positioning towards sustained success.



corporate digital responsibility (CDR) & digital ethics

Value-Add to Your Business

Digital responsibility and ethics increase company value and stakeholder retention

Strengthened company reputation and image

Better preparedness for possible future legal regulations

Strengthened customer loyalty and trust

Secured long-term competitive advantages

Higher employee acceptance of new technology

Improved product and service quality

Lower launch risk for digital products and services

Transferred physical values to the digital

Corporate Digital Responsibility & Digital Ethics

Our Approach

Staying true to our mission to advance our clients‘ interests to new heights, our solutions are carefully designed to be flexible, scalable and yielding long-term value to our clients. The process towards CDR is not linear and, for that reason, our cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary, experienced and exposed teams will use modern consulting methods to accompany your teams. Every step is founded on compliance and sustainability principles. On top of that, our uniquely interwoven core competencies of strategy, compliance and technology will adequately position your business towards corporate, digital and responsible success.


Our Core Services


Our unique solutions range from company strategies to consultations in specific projects. After an initial audit of the status-quo we design customised steps to increase the digital responsibility of your company and strengthen your performance. Possible courses of action are:

  • Definition and implementation of a CDR company strategy 
  • Establishment of customised CDR and digital ethics guidelines
  • Co-development of digitally ethic and responsible products and services (CDR by design)
  • Audit and monitoring of CDR in a business model
  • Awareness trainings for employees on CDR
  • Support in CDR communication and reporting

What clients have asked us

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Ethics change with technology.

– Larry Niven

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