The innovation hub of Europe’s biggest economy

Our R&D Centre immersed in Innovation

While our headquarter is in Nuremberg, we consciously set up our research & development centre in Germany’s capital city and innovation hub. We are a member of the Factory Berlin which fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. This enables us to thrive in the open-minded environment, connecting, collaborating and creating. This way we can make sure that our client solutions always incorporate the most current market and trend developments to enable continuous and exceptional growth.


Europe as an Investment Opportunity

Berlin is located in the centre of Europe and is one of its most dynamic economic regions. Attracting people from all over the world and especially young people, the city is known for its vibrancy as well as creative and diverse innovations. The startup-hub is not only the most popular starting point for an expansion to Germany, but also opens up business opportunities in other European countries. Europe as an investment holds expansion potential for established as well as emerging markets, provides a strong and stable environment as well as access to highly educated talent.

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